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HG Data released a Chrome browser extension for their Technology Install dataset.  The new HG Focus service provides tech sales reps with immediate visibility into key technologies used by prospects and customers.  The freemium service assists with lead qualification, account based marketing, and technology related messaging.

While browsing the web, users are shown which technologies are employed by the website owner and how recently the data was verified.  Technology stack information is available for both cloud-based and behind-the-firewall platforms.  A release later this quarter will expand this intelligence to Salesforce.com, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Office 365.

Freemium users have access to one technology category.  Users can also identify favorite technologies with the icon indicating the number of favorite technologies used by the company.  Favorites can be setup for either complementary or competitive companies.

HG Data provides technology intelligence for over 5,000 products spanning 1,700 vendors.  They began collecting North American intelligence in 2012 and currently provide insights into 1.2 million US and 85,000 Canadian locations.  Last year they started international data collection and now deliver tech installation intelligence for 260,000 European and 120,000 AsiaPac locations.

“HG Focus is the first of some very exciting products that HG Data will be releasing to help companies of every size and shape that have not yet discovered the power of installed technology intelligence,” said Chief Revenue Officer Mark Godley. “Our clients have seen how targeting by installed technologies can transform their entire go-to-market strategy. From defining addressable market, to micro-messaging at scale, to better analytics and predictive modeling, to relevant targeting throughout the sales funnel, every step of the sales and marketing process is better with HG Data. Technology installs at scale comprise a whole new firmographic that is making traditional means of defining prospects obsolete. HG Focus is aimed at companies interested in starting down the path of targeting by installed technologies and can now do so in a risk free, yet powerful way.”

A number of firms have recently deployed Chrome extensions to provide a taste of their database.  Other technology vendors with Chrome extensions include DiscoverOrg and Datanyze.

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