Infofree Sprouts SalesFlower

SalesFlower is a stripped down version of Infofree focused on B2B prospecting.
SalesFlower is a stripped down version of Infofree focused on B2B prospecting.

Infofree, a sales intelligence company that focuses on the SMB segment, has launched a lower-priced, stripped-down, B2B-only version of its service under the brand name  The new service supports list building, company and executive lookup, and new business searching.

“Lead Generation is the life blood of any business that wants to grow their sales. is the only service that is offering triple-verified B2B sales leads at a very low price. For most businesses, if they get one sale from it will pay for the service,” said CEO Rakesh Gupta.

The new service is priced at $595 per month and bundles in 5,000 downloads per annum with additional downloads available for ten cents per record.  The service includes a thirty-day money-back guarantee and claims a 95% level of accuracy.  Emails are cleaned monthly and have a claimed accuracy rate of 70%.

Coverage spans

  • 14 Million Triple Verified Businesses
  • 12 Million Verified Business Executives
  • 30 Thousand New Businesses Weekly
  • 23 Million Executive Emails
  • 6 Million Professionals (Doctors, Attorneys, etc.)

Screening variables are limited to basic firmographics along with County, Radius, and Bounding Box.  While SICs are supported, NAICS are not mentioned.  Yes, SICs are better known, but they have not been updated since 1987 and were replaced by the NAICS taxonomy two decades ago.

Unlike Infofree, the Salesflower service does not provide the CRM101 light SFA tool, consumer data, background checks, or light credit reports.

Over the past few years, the price for Infofree has been raised as it has added features.  Infofree is one of the few sales intelligence products that supports businesses that sell broadly to both businesses and consumers (Sales Genie addresses a similar market).  Infofree clients include business services, security companies, insurance agencies, etc.

Salesflower provides Infofree with a fighter brand at a lower price point which they can sell into firms that do not require consumer intelligence or CRM101.

Infofree and Sales Genie are two of the products covered in my 2015 Field Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors.

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