InsideView Tech Profiler Released

InsideView announced availability of a technology vendor dataset called Tech Profiler.  The premium will be available via InsideView for Sales, InsideView Target, and Open API.  The new dataset spans 525,000 global companies across 2,100 technologies.

The API offers two calls: retrieve technology implemented at a company and retrieve companies that have deployed specific technologies.

InsideView for Sales Tech Profiler
InsideView for Sales Tech Profiler

“Adding technology information to our market intelligence platform gives technology sellers and marketers deeper insight into their prospects,” said Jenny Cheng, chief product officer at InsideView. “Tech Profiler has ten times the coverage of other technology profile solutions in the industry. Add that to all the other firmographic and demographic data plus the social insights InsideView offers and the result is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone selling technology to businesses. It’s all the intelligence you need in one platform.”

Technology targeting can be used for both competitive takeout and identifying complementary technology.  For example, technology vendors (e.g. Hardware, Software, Communications, Information Services, IT Consultants) may be looking for customers of Salesforce because they compete against Salesforce or because they are part of SFDC’s ecosystem.

InsideView did not disclose pricing or the source of their data.

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