Avention: Oracle Marketing Cloud Connector

Sales and Marketing Intelligence vendor Avention announced availability of an Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) connector which infuses Eloqua with Avention account insights and predictive analytics.  The new connector supports three marketing use cases: web form enrichment, uploaded list matching via the OneSource platform, and prospect list building within OneSource.  Lists built and enriched within OneSource are then fed to Eloqua.

The service supports customized field mapping against 58 fields including revenue, assets, liabilities, and pre-tax profit across four currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, and As Reported); industry codes (US SIC, NAICS, UK SIC); corporate linkages; full address; and firmographics.

Avention continues to grow its Global Content Live Database with support for fifty million global companies and eighty million contacts.  Marketers can build lists from this database using a broad set of selection criteria including business signals, technographics, firmographics, corporate linkage, advanced financials, and contact variables.

Avention OneSource provides broad prospecting with direct export to Eloqua.
Avention OneSource provides broad prospecting with direct export to Eloqua.

“Our customers are finding that marketing and sales teams need to align their data more than ever to achieve account-based marketing success,” remarked Avention CEO Steve Pogorzelski. “The Oracle Marketing Cloud connector will offer our mutual customers the strength of the combined applications to help grow their businesses and achieve ROI from their ABM campaigns.”

Web form enrichment is a new capability from Avention.  Marketers can set up matches based upon company name and country, although additional fields are recommended to improve match accuracy.  Limiting the number of required fields and enriching the remaining fields from a standardized database is a best practice.  Short forms minimize the form abandonment rate, reduce the instance of bogus data entry, ensure that standardized fields are employed, and enrich records with fields not easily garnered from web forms (e.g. company linkage, revenue figures).

Avention is a Gold Level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and also offers a OneSource for Oracle Sales Cloud connector.

Note: I am a former OneSource employee and current blogger for Avention.

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