6Sense – PathFactory Partnership

Content intelligence vendor PathFactory announced a partnership with ABM Orchestration vendor 6Sense to “give marketers complete visibility into the quality of account engagement, as well as what content and topics are accelerating them through their customer journey.”

The new partnership taps 6Sense’s account identification capabilities and combines it with PathFactory’s content consumption data, providing richer account engagement intelligence.  “They can even watch a buying committee’s activities populate and track their journey in near real-time,” said PathFactory.  Account intelligence is synced with the CRM and displayed to sales reps, helping them understand which content and topics resonated at target accounts.

PathFactory offers a set of content tracks, either defined by marketing or PathFactory’s AI.  Content tracks are a sequence of relevant content associated with specific calls to action.  Content tracks “keep people engaged longer and helps them self-educate” while encouraging them to “binge on your content.”  By assessing which individuals and accounts are binging on account tracks, PathFactory can determine when accounts are “getting serious.”  Highly engaged accounts are more likely to turn into deals.  

Content insights suggest the next best content and next best action, with PathFactory personalizing content tracks in real-time.  PathFactory tracks engagement at both the individual and account level while assessing content attributes such as type, topic, and reading length.

“While B2B marketing organizations have invested heavily in ABM over the past several years, many marketers still struggle to successfully execute campaigns, scale programs, and report on results.  We are confident this integration will give marketers the unprecedented ability to optimize the customer journey and generate revenue from their ABM efforts.”

Dev Ganesan, CEO of PathFactory

PathFactory clients do not require a separate 6Sense license.

“PathFactory and 6sense are marrying two of the most critical data sets necessary for successful ABM execution,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense.  “With 6sense’s industry-leading account identification capabilities and PathFactory’s content consumption data, sales and marketing teams can get deep insight into anonymous buying behavior of individuals and accounts, and deliver hyper-personalized content journeys.”

PathFactory placed 186th on Deloitte’s Fast 500 list, and Gartner named them a Cool Vendor in their 2019 Technology Marketing category.

6Sense recently closed on a $40 million Round C.

6Sense Round C

Account Based Orchestration platform 6Sense closed a $40 million Series C round with growth equity firm Insight Partners, raising its total funding to $105 million.  Previous investors include Salesforce Ventures, Venrock, Battery Ventures, and Bain Capital Ventures.  The market cap was not disclosed.

6Sense doubled its revenue in both 2018 and 2019.  Last year, it added Box, Cisco, Dell, Zendesk, Sumo Logic, NetApp, Domo, Motorola, Cumulus, Symantec, and Tableau to its list of named customers.

“As a startup, a company can sell via personal relationships and word of mouth.  In the scaleup growth phase, the equivalent is Account-Based Marketing and Sales,” said Jeff Lieberman, Managing Director at Insight Partners.  “After an exhaustive review process, we were blown away by the data-focused sophistication of 6sense’s technology and firmly believe it is the best solution for B2B companies who need to scale their go-to-market efficiency and grow revenue.  The company’s account-based solution should be a core part of every scaleup company’s growth strategy.  We’re excited to invest in 6sense as the market-leading solution.”

“An investment is a sign that we’ve done something over the past 2 ½ years,” said 6Sense CEO Jason Zintak.  “Investing is confidence, and it’s just so incredibly humbling that we as a team, as a company, have gotten to the point where people want to trust us and hand over money.”

Zintak attributed the firm’s success to the belief that AI and Big Data are at the core of the MarTech stack:

Our strategy has always been to lead in those areas, specifically 6sense’s ability to

    – Process large amounts of data and deliver actionable insights
   – Segment micro-audiences based on these data insights
   – Uncover anonymous buyer intent and identify accounts
   – Predict which accounts are an Ideal Customer fit, and when they are “in market,” allowing organizations to focus engagement on accounts most likely to buy

6sense has evolved from delivering predictive scores to providing customers with a robust Account-Based platform for the entire revenue operations team.

6Sense CEO Jason Zintak

The investment will be dedicated to accelerating its product roadmap, “both organically and inorganically.”  Zintak listed three roadmap objectives:

  1. Improved orchestration, which moves from rules-based engagement to “true AI-based orchestration of tactics.”
  2. Expanding intent and predictive data use cases beyond email to include website personalization, content experiences, advertising, conversational marketing, etc.
  3. Delivering insights to all revenue operations functions, including marketing and customer success.

The firm lists 37 open positions across customer success, engineering, data science, administrative, marketing, sales, and product.  6Sense has shown steady employment growth over the past two years.  Roughly half of the employees are in revenue generation roles (Sales, Support, Marketing, and Business Development).

“Our mission is to tackle the biggest challenges facing B2B sellers and marketers by helping brands reach the right accounts for their business at the right time, through the right channels, and with truly engaging experiences,” said Zintak.  “Our company growth has been fueled by the success of our customers, and our Series C funding will enable 6sense to further invest in AI-driven orchestration capabilities to help companies of all sizes build and scale account-based programs, uncover new opportunities, and efficiently create pipeline and revenue.”

6Sense competitors include Everstring, Demandbase, LeadSpace, and Lattice Engines (Dun & Bradstreet).

6Sense: Predictive Timing and Visibility

6Sense Buying Stage by Industry
6Sense Buying Stage by Industry

Predictive sales and marketing intelligence company 6Sense announced that their Q3 revenue rose 400% year-over-year.  While an impressive growth number, the 6Sense platform officially launched in May 2014 so the growth rate is based on a small denominator.  6Sense landed several new Fortune 1000 software and hardware clients during the quarter but did not disclose names.  Clients include Cisco, Xactly, CSC, NetApp, CBS Interactive. and Blue Jean.

“We’re winning these enterprise customers because we’re solving two huge problems for marketing and sales teams: timing and visibility. Timing is everything – getting into a deal early nearly guarantees you’ll win. Unlike other solutions on the market that scrape the web or run potential prospects against buyer fit models, our platform uses exponentially more and richer data sources to find buyers that have a need now,” said 6Sense CEO Amanda Kahlow. “Our customers have the competitive advantage of being the first to know and the first to take action the moment their prospects enter a buying cycle. And they have one platform, versus hundreds of channels, from which to monitor their buyers’ journeys.”

The 6Sense Private Data Network ingests intent data from across the web.  Intent data, licensed from Bombora, is gathered from B2B media sites to identify anonymous researchers as they perform searches and visit blogs, publisher sites, advisory services, review sites, etc.  Intent data is tied to companies via IP addresses and tagged to business topics.  While specific users are not identified, intent data flags hot topics by company, allowing for refined scoring, messaging, and targeting.  The Private Data Network insights are then matched against client proprietary intelligence (e.g. CRM, Marketing Automation, Weblogs) to give clients “a full picture of all the buyers that could be considering their solutions, not just the ones that raise their hands. 6sense helps its customers make sure their messages are not only hitting the right audience, but also hitting them at the right time, when they actually have a demonstrated need.”  6Sense not only scores current prospects but identifies net new companies that have not identified themselves as prospects to the firm.

“Intent data gives marketing and sales two advantages,” opined Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions. “First, it reveals greenfield opportunities that would otherwise be uncontested losses. Second, it diagnoses “false positives” or wrong predictions which would keep the sales team chasing dead-end leads.”

Integration partners include Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Adobe, and Salesforce.

According to marketing analyst David Raab, 6Sense pricing is “based on factors including the number of models created and volume of new net contacts provided.”  Last year, David Raab noted that pricing exceeds $100,000 per customer.