RingLead DataExchange

B2B DaaS vendor RingLead rolled out its DataExchange.  The new data enrichment platform brings together datasets from many of the leading B2B vendors with detailed profiles in a searchable catalog.  RingLead is not selling the data, but passing it through via contracts written on partner paper.  Data is processed through RingLead’s data quality platform.  Along with providing a centralized enrichment hub, RingLead normalizes, segments, dupe checks, enriches, validates, performs lead-to-account linking, and automates routing.

The company stated that the typical user would need to manage eight or nine different vendors to automate Data Exchange processes and data sets.  According to RingLead, ninety percent of their current customers are already licensing DataExchange data sets.

“The introduction of The DataExchange reinforces RingLead’s data-first approach to business and unwavering commitment to empowering businesses, not only with the leading data quality platform but now, the ability to painlessly find, connect, and structure the data they need to scale.  Through transparency, community, and education around data, RingLead continues to strive to be the most trusted data quality platform for every business.”

RingLead Press Release

The DataExchange allows customers to mix and match company and contact intelligence from leading vendors:

  • Company / Contact Data: Zoominfo, Crunchbase, Clearbit, KickFire, DatabaseUSA, People Data Labs, Oceanos, InsideView
  • Behavioral Intent: Bombora, Kwanzoo
  • Buyer Intent: Aberdeen, DemandMatrix, Intentsify
  • Technographic: Zoominfo, Aberdeen, DemandMatrix, Kwanzoo, HG Insights
  • Social: Pipl, Clearbit, StatSocial
  • Nonprofit: DatabaseUSA, Cognism
  • Validation: TowerData, ZeroBounce, Oceanos
  • News Alerts: Crunchbase, Zoominfo
  • Financial: Zoominfo, Crunchbase, DatabaseUSA
  • Person: Oceanos, Zoominfo, Pipl, Spokeo, StatSocial, People Data Labs
  • B2C Demographic: Spokeo

“Each of these new data vendors provides tremendous value not only to the customer but to the entire DataExchange community,” said RingLead Chief Product Officer John Kosturos.  “By continuing to focus on select, best-of-breed data vendors, we ensure The DataExchange remains a competitive marketplace where buyers can remain confident in the vendors they’re assessing.”

While company and contact data from leading B2B vendors are likely to be the primary focus of early adopters, the platform supports additional content sets including funding data, technographics, news alerts, and intent enrichment.  Validation services are also critical as they reduce email bounce rates (Zero Bounce, TowerData, and Oceanos), invalid phone dials (TowerData), and non-deliverable direct mail (TowerData).

“Our vision is a world in which recipients value sales and marketing outreach.  Using the highest-quality, consent-based intent data is only the first step,” said Bombora SVP of Data Sales Mike Burton.  “B2B brands also need data portability, so that intent data informs all of their sales and marketing efforts.  Being part of the RingLead DataExchange brings this vision one step closer to reality.”

Vendor profiles include a company overview, description of capabilities and offerings, an attribute catalog, integration documentation, resources, and crowd-sourced reviews.

“We’re flipping the historically painful process of buying and connecting data on its head,” said Kosturos.  “Paired with RingLead’s data quality platform, users of The DataExchange can now take the data they need, ingest it into a batch process, a real-time import, web submission, or a manually created record.”

“As the appetite for data continues to grow, it’s necessary for businesses to have flexibility and transparency in how they buy data, and whom they buy it from,” said Zoominfo Senior Director of Partner Marketing Krystan Resch.  “The DataExchange transforms the data buying experience for the consumer while simultaneously empowering ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg to deliver more relevant, personalized buying experiences through the most accurate and actionable global B2B database.”