I have been experimenting with posting LinkedIn Newsletters, so I have not been placing my content here for the past month. I posted a pair of articles about HubSpot, which held its annual INBOUND conference in Boston.

HubSpot Brings GAI to Its Hubs

Like many other RevTech vendors, HubSpot is all in on Generative AI (GAI) and infusing it across its Hubs.  CEO Yamini Rangan and Product EVP Andrew Pitre emphasized GAI in their INBOUND keynotes, emphasizing GAI’s ability to foster customer connection and please the customer.

Rangan stated that the “most intelligent way to use intelligence is to drive customer connection,” which can be “scaled to hundreds or thousands or maybe even millions of your customers by observing their patterns, anticipating their needs, and offering them insights.”

Rangan cited HubSpot research…

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HubSpot Rising

A decade ago, vendors looked at SAP and Oracle as the second CRM they supported after building their Salesforce connectors.  Five years ago, the momentum had shifted towards Dynamics following the 2016 launch of Dynamics 365 in the cloud.  It seems that HubSpot is now vying with MSD to be the second-supported CRM.

HubSpot has long been viewed as a decent CRM for SMBs to start on before they grow up and require enterprise features, and research from Adam Schoenfeld at Keyplay backs up this impression.

IDC, which doesn’t include HubSpot in its CRM market share analysis, noted that HubSpot has been growing much faster than the overall market, with 31% growth in 2020 and 47% in 2021…

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