Revenue Acceleration Trends Analysis (2023)

Revenue Acceleration Trends Analysis (2023)

200+ Slides + 90 Minute Phone Consult


For the past two years, I have written about the emergence of RevTech and the digitization of the revenue team. B2B SalesTech and MarTech have merged into a deeper Account-Based set of platforms that support marketing, sales, and customer success management. Likewise, sales, marketing, and customer success no longer operate as separate disciplines with different goals and metrics.

RevTech is driven by AI, expanded datasets, and the emergence of new technology categories such as Sales Engagement, Revenue Intelligence, and Conversational Intelligence. RevTech is shaped by broader trends such as expanded buying committees, work from anywhere, the digitization of work, and Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT).

The analysis includes both the source PowerPoint (over 200 slides) and a 90-minute Q&A session. All materials are based upon public domain information and twenty years of industry experience. No proprietary intelligence is presented or will be discussed. All discussions are confidential.

The presentation and session are priced at $3,000 for up to twenty attendees and $250 for additional blocks of five attendees.

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Here are my agenda slides: