QuotaFactory: Prospect Relationship Management for SDRs

Quota Factory displays daily objectives and progress towards goals.
Quota Factory displays daily objectives and progress towards goals.

QuotaFactory recently announced general availability of its Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform for sales development relationship (SDR) professionals.  Two service levels are available: Outsourced PRM which is managed by QuotaFactory’s SDRs and Team PRM for in-house sales teams.

QuotaFactory claims that the typical SDR uses eight different prospecting tools.  With QuotaFactory, prospecting is managed through a single platform.

“After years of successful sales development operations, we productized our internal know-how into the most user-friendly and impactful B2B prospecting platform available today,” said QuotaFactory CEO Peter Gracey. “With one platform for data, outbound messaging, call planning, reporting and automation, SDRs can now ditch the eight different logins for all the solutions they’re currently using and free up their time to do what they were hired to do – speak live with prospects.”

QuotaFactory helps firms define an ideal customer profile and develops a phone and email database of targeted prospects.  Tools include automated dialing, messaging templates, pre-built call planning, and daily objectives.  The service also supports “rigorous rules around qualification criteria, ensuring that each rep fully qualifies and passes as many targeted prospects as possible through meaningful conversations.”

“As an experienced sales leader, I have seen as much as 60 percent of sales teams’ time wasted on non-selling tasks.  Understanding that problem fueled our passion to create QuotaFactory. We are offering a complete platform to maximize prospecting and selling time for sales development reps everywhere. Our mission is simple: provide the necessary tools for every sales representative to exceed quota.” — QuotaFactory CRO Paul Alves

QuotaFactory’s PRM was developed in conjunction with sister company AG SalesWorks.  In essence, they have productized fourteen years of AG Salesworks SDR processes.

QuotaFactory licensed InsideView’s OpenAPI for prospecting and lead enrichment.  QuotaFactory contracts include up to 1,500 contacts per SDR per month.  They also include cleaning and enrichment for 10,000 records at the start of the engagement, unlimited sales development dialing, unlimited email and voicemail drops, and call recording.  Reporting includes a Prospecting Insights Dashboard and competitive intelligence.

“We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with InsideView, as it represents a great marriage of data, process and automation greatly benefiting our clients,” said Gracey. “Adding its full suite of market intelligence tools to the already robust QuotaFactory PRM platform means that we are truly the only place an SDR needs to go in order to prospect and crush their goals.”

Gracey welcomes competition from HubSpot and Salesforce which are developing similar tools.  Their entry helps validate the space and educate the market.  However, “as a company we don’t really worry about competition too much.  Our focus is on customer value and success.  We know our user because we are our user.  We built this thing for ourselves first.  What we are finding is that there are a whole lot of sales development teams out there that were experiencing the same issues as us.  We are building a pretty tight-knit sales dev community due to the design of our products.”

Gracey continued by noting that their focus is exclusively on sales development, “We do one thing extremely well for one set of people.  That specialization combined with our borderline unhealthy attention to client success are our greatest differentiators.”

QuotaFactory claims that their database is 95% phone and email accurate.

Outsourced PRM pricing was not disclosed.  Team PRM begins at $650 per user per month.

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