DiscoverOrg Partners with ABSD Vendor Outreach

DiscoverOrg contact lists can now be pushed to the Outreach account based sales communication platform for cadence-structured messaging.  According to DiscoverOrg, “This integration allows for more effective communication with prospects based on persona, combining both comprehensive, verified contact data and personalized, timely interactions.”

“The number one challenge facing salespeople today is not knowing who to call or how to reach them,” said DiscoverOrg VP of Sales  Patrick Purvis.  “What is the actual strategy or sort of plan of attack in reaching out to these people [prospects] to get as many of them to engage with you and respond as possible?”

DiscoverOrg, with 750,000 global contacts in IT, Marketing, Finance, and Product Management, provides emails and direct dial phones to resolve the who to call problem.  Contact records are passed with tags into the Outreach platform and auto-refreshed as DiscoverOrg editors update profiles.  DiscoverOrg supports one-click send to Outreach which begins managing the messaging sequence.  Because the contacts are passed from a technology sales intelligence platform, the messaging can focus on the platforms, industries, job functions, and responsibilities of individual contacts.  This type of one-to-one messaging has only recently become available to the SDR function through products such as Outreach, SalesLoft, and QuotaFactory.

Outreach sequenced messaging
Outreach sequenced messaging

“The foundation of a true account based sales strategy is honing in on your target accounts and carefully choosing your personas within those accounts.  That’s something that DiscoverOrg does really, really well,”  said Outreach Chief Product Officer Andrew Kinzer.  “Then to engage those accounts, you’re going to need account playbooks and well-tuned persona-based messaging for your prospects.”

Outreach Flow schedules manual and automated emails, phone calls, direct mail, and LinkedIn messaging.  Other features include analytics, reply detection, “intelligent follow ups,” out of office detection which pauses the sequence, and open and click tracking.  Outreach also offers connectors for LinkedIn, Gmail, and

Furthermore, because DiscoverOrg is passing firmographics and biographical data, Outreach users can assess which messages are fostering engagement.  Broad prospect tagging combined with analytics is important to sales management and operations because “downstream, they can look at what message is resonating” said DiscoverOrg CEO Schuck.  “They have complete information on the records that are moving through their system.”

Outreach Dashboard Analytics
Outreach Dashboard Analytics

“There has been increasing focus on the SDR role as a key growth-accelerator with a lot of investment in the technology to support this function,” said Schuck. “These are the guys on the front lines, pounding the phones every day and teeing up the sale for the closers. Partnering with a robust sales communication platform like Outreach, we aim to set SDRs up for success with high-quality contact data to improve response rates and set more appointments.”

The sales intelligence industry has taken two approaches to ABSD: partnering or developing a subset of ABSD features.  The partnering path has been taken by InsideView (SalesLoft and Quota Factory) and DiscoverOrg (SalesLoft and Outreach).  The build path has been executed by RainKing which added a dialer last year and Sales Genie which offers a dialer, email, marketing creative, and direct mail functionality.

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