Contify: Social Intelligence within SFDC

Social Selling vendor Contify rolled out a connector for their account based social intelligence service.  Contify intelligence is displayed within Lead and Opportunity record I-frames.  The display is split into two tabs: News & Mentions and Social Updates.  Both tabs may be filtered by topic.

The Social Updates feed combines account intelligence from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  The company “only shows social media updates which have relevant sales triggers associated with it.”  Thus users are not “bombarded with a stream of updates that aren’t relevant to you.

Contify Social Updates
Contify Social Updates

News triggers are set to thirty days, but may be adjusted by users.

The Indian vendor provides fourteen sales triggers mined from the web and social platforms.  Triggers are delivered as alerts and within the subscription service.  Users may share triggers via Chatter, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Users may also save triggers as bookmarks for later review.  A separate triggers list is included within the record.  Contify also offers Custom Triggers which may be created from within SFDC.  Custom Triggers consist of a set of search and stop keywords.  Contify begins delivering customer trigger results within fifteen minutes.

Trigger categories are similar to those found in other products.  This is not to fault Contify as there are a set of common events which have been deemed to be most valuable by B2B sales reps.  These include Funding Activity, M&A, Management Changes, Partnerships, and New Offerings.

Triggers may also be setup as tasks which are saved as open activities.  Trigger information is stored within the Comments field of the task.

Contify triggers may be flagged as tasks for alter action.
Contify triggers may be flagged as tasks for alter action.

If users are unable to find the correct company, they can submit the URL to Contify’s editors who will create a company profile within 24 hours.

The service is priced at $49.95 per user per month billed annually.

The firm has over 10,000 users.

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