DiscoverOrg: Sales, HR, & CxO Datasets

DiscoverOrg provides Org Charts which uncover the reporting structure of organizations. Information includes emails, direct dials, titles, and headshots.

DiscoverOrg is rolling out a trio of new datasets for Sales, HR, and Executive Management.  Sales and HR join DiscoverOrg’s line of functional datasets which also cover Technology, Marketing, Finance, and Product Management (the awkwardly named TEDD dataset of product managers which was launched in Q1).  The Executive Management dataset provides coverage of C-level contact and biographic information at Fortune 1000 companies.

A 2015 DiscoverOrg study found that 25% of C-level executives cannot be found in LinkedIn.  Furthermore, those executives do not publish their contact information in LinkedIn, making it difficult to reach them absent a direct referral.  The CxO dataset helps end-run gatekeepers with direct dials and emails while DiscoverOrg triggers and OppAlerts provide a reason to call.

“As technology and service budgets increase in departments like Sales, HR, and Executive Management, the number of vendors serving and selling into those departments has also increased. We recognized a gap in the market to provide highly accurate, verified data for companies seeking to reach the decision-makers in those departments and deep intelligence for effective engagement. These datasets fill that gap.”

– Henry Schuck, CEO, DiscoverOrg

Back in 2011, Gartner forecast that the CMO’s budget would exceed the CIOs by 2017.  At the time, the statement made for good copy as it represented a significant shift in organizational power with budgets migrating away from IT to other departments (and from capital to operating budgets).  However, the growth of MarTech and cloud computing have demonstrated the prescience of this forecast.  While DiscoverOrg continues to be sold mostly to technology vendors, the addition of non-technical buyers in their various datasets is further evidence of this trend towards departmental technology licensing.

With 150 dedicated researchers, DiscoverOrg has increased its database size by 150% this year.  All of the new datasets are guaranteed to meet DiscoverOrg’s 95% accuracy SLA and are subject to a ninety-day refresh cycle.  Along with direct contact information (98% email and 96% direct dial fill rates), DiscoverOrg maintains deep biographies which include responsibilities, education and work histories, social media links, and reporting structures (org charts).


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