Winn.AI Self-Service Playbook Product

Winn.AI captures real-time playbook insights and maps them to over twenty methodologies.

Israeli playbook vendor Winn.AI now offers a self-service registration that allows sales reps to trial the Generative AI service for a month at no charge.  Winn describes itself as an “AI-driven no-typing CRM that aims to empower the next generation of sales teams.”  It joins calls and offers real-time tracking, capturing, and CRM updating features for Salesforce and HubSpot.

Winn supports over twenty sales methodologies and is tuned to automatically capture playbook insights as they are organically discussed with the sales rep.  Out-of-the-box methodologies include MEDDIC, MEDDPIC, Spin Selling, BANT, and Challenger.  Additionally, playbooks are available for discovery calls, demos, and negotiations and may be customized.

Salesforce “State of Sales” report.  Salesforce surveyed 7,700 sales reps in August & September 2022.

CEO Eldad Postan-Koren emphasized the administrative burden faced by sales reps, citing a 2023 Salesforce report that claims only 28% of sales rep time is spent selling.  72% of sales rep time is consumed by record keeping, CRM updating, virtual meetings, email follow-ups, data entry, and lead management.  Winn.AI promises to claw back one-third of the 8.8% of rep time spent manually entering information.  Furthermore, reps have long limited their data entry to the bare minimum, so Winn.AI will capture significantly more detail.

Other tasks, such as prioritizing leads/opportunities, researching prospects, and preparation and planning, also benefit from automated data harvesting and synchronization, helping reduce time on such tasks and improving their quality.

“Interfering with salespersons in our daily conduct is not good.  Adding another system for them to enter and changing the way they are used to working is a negative type of interference,” argued Postan-Koren.  “This is the main reason I built Winn.AI as an augmentation of other existing systems.  This will effectively disrupt the sales force where disruption is needed and welcomed.”

Winn.AI automatically joins conversational platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet and supports time warnings, attendee lists, and post-call meeting summaries.  Editable summaries are displayed as soon as the call ends, adding them to the standard call workflow but removing most data entry.  Salespeople can also send a personalized recap email to call participants.  This review-and-notification process is generally completed within four minutes of each call’s conclusion.

The Winn-AI post-call meeting summary pops up on call completion and supports editing and matching against CRM records.

As playbook details are captured in real-time, reps can see which topics have been discussed and which ones remain open, helping ensure richer discussions.  Following the call, reps are presented with a call summary, next steps, and playbook insights.  Once reviewed, the information is synced with the appropriate CRM records.

Postan-Koren explained that Winn.AI employs NLU (Natural Language Understanding), which goes beyond NLP (Natural Language Processing).

“Understanding is not processing because I can ask you, ‘Michael, how many employees are you?’ And your answer will be 20 employees.  But I can also ask you, ‘Mike, do you have 20 employees?’ And your answer will be yes.  Or I can ask you ‘How many employees?’ and your answer will be 20.  So here are three different ways to ask the same question to get the same answer, and the computer won’t understand it.  Understanding context is the secret sauce here.”

What also differentiates Winn.AI is the combination of playbooks with real-time call coaching, data capture, and CRM syncing, allowing reps to be more present during calls.  These elements are supported across many products, but I have not seen a company combine them into a single offering.

“The system is a personal assistant for the salespeople and relieves the burdensome administrative work of taking notes, having a list of answers, and entering information into the CRM,” stated Postan-Koren.  “ It does so all at a level of detail that does not exist in other tools on the market, so much so that in real-time, it can exactly match a specific topic of conversation to the relevant field in the CRM.  Also, the system knows how to follow the topics of the conversation in real-time, check the full coverage of the conversation’s agenda, and give instructions that will help improve performance.  This is a new category in the SalesTech world, and Winn.AI aims to lead this category.”

The firm is not targeting specific verticals as it believes it has a compelling cross-industry solution that supports digital sales, customer success, and service departments.

The service is priced between $59 and $89 per user per month, with volume discounts available.

Winn.AI exited stealth mode last fall and now has a team of thirty.  It has begun hiring in the Bay area.  Postan-Koren noted that its $17 million September seed round provides it with a financial runway through the end of next year, allowing it to focus on go-to-market instead of hustling for funding in a weak VC market.

Winn.AI was named one of the “Top Israeli Startups To Watch in 2023.”  The firm placed 16th on the list by Startup Stash.

Winn.AI is SOC II, Type 2 compliant.

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