Sparklane: Sales Triggers and Hidden Opportunities

The Sparklane Watchlist
The Sparklane Watchlist

I posted a blog yesterday on the Sparklane website discussing sales triggers as a tool for identifying new opportunities.  Triggers provide a mechanism for warming up cold calls with of-the-moment talking points.  Current triggers signal to prospects that you have conducted some research on the company and aren’t calling blindly into the firm.  They also help account reps stay abreast of what is happening at their key customers and prospects.  Sales Triggers are a key component of social selling and Account Based Marketing strategies.

Sparklane is a French Sales Intelligence solution which provides elements of predictive lead scoring around target companies.  They are readying to enter the UK market with an English language service in the coming weeks.  Their goal is to revisit the Battle of Hastings (1066) and “conquer the UK” (OK, I’m overstating their marketing claim, but there is nothing wrong with bold objectives).

Sparklane has had significant success in the French market with fifty percent annual growth since launching seven years ago.  Last year they posted five million euros  in revenue with a goal of eight million euros this year ($9 million).  Clients include Samsung, Oracle, Jaguar, Capgemini, and SAS.

We have entered into a new era. The era of smart data. Basic data has less and less value. Sparklane is the first player on this market to propose a true predictive lead scoring solution. Sparklane’s main benefit is to improve quickly the sales performance of its clients.

  • Sparklane CEO Frédéric PICHARD

Just last week, I blogged about Contify, an Indian social selling vendor, which is focusing on news + social awareness.  I have also recently written about Artesian Solutions which opened a Boston office and is rolling out a North American social selling offering.  Their Artesian Ready app is the most advanced sales intelligence mobile offering I’ve seen on the market.

It is wonderful to see the market continue to heat up with new competitors and approaches.  Competition catalyzes product development and helps goose innovation.  It focuses the mind of competitors and helps keep complacency at bay.  I look forward to seeing what ideas the French have around social selling when they launch their UK service in a few weeks.

Sparklane Lead Scoring
Sparklane Lead Scoring

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