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Lead intelligence vendor Lead411 includes the TrackStar contact tracking service as part of their offering.  TrackStar helps identify executive changes and promotions, allowing sales reps to keep in touch with their champions and reach out to new hires.

“Our business was built on the belief that our customers need a more comprehensive view of their prospect and his business in order to increase conversion rates, improve targeting, and enhance their existing sales technology platforms,” said Lead411 CEO Tom Blue. “TrackStar is a vital piece of the equation, shortening sales cycles for marketing and sales teams by enabling them to target champions with whom they’ve previously worked and providing them with the right information about their accounts, at the right time, to build the right relationships.”

TrackStar is available as a premium offering to its Small Biz 300 (SB300) package.  After adding the $25 premium, SB300 is priced at $150 per user per month.  SB300 features include 300 exported contacts, viewable emails, IT Intelligence, sales trigger alerts, CRM and MAP export, a Chrome extension, and Gmail integration.  There is a six-month minimum commitment with monthly invoicing.  An annual seat costs $1,500.

An enterprise edition supports unlimited downloading or CRM/MAP uploading for their 17 million contacts.  Data list enrichments are also supported for company and executive lists.  Pricing is not available for this edition.

Prospecting supports over fifteen variables.  Most are standard company and exec selects such as SIC, NAICS, location, and size ranges; but users will also find ZIP radius, last email verification date, technology, and open job keyword searches (job and tech searches are limited to the SB300 and Enterprise editions).  Job Title searches are supported, but the firm does not appear to have developed a job function and level taxonomy to assist with list building.  Users may save lists or setup lists with a weekly new contact list email.

Prospecting also supports news searching against sales triggers.

Email trigger alerts are available which provide details mined from the news article.  For example, funding triggers show the industry, state, amount, and planned spend.  The new hires trigger shows the company, exec name and title, and hiring location.

Technology data spans over 2,000 technologies and is mined from websites and job boards.

The Chrome extension displays company profiles from within the browser.  Users may upload profiles to SFDC.  The extension even identifies whether a contact is in SFDC as part of the standard display.  A Chrome extension icon automatically toggles the user to a new browser tab and opens the contact record within SFDC, a feature which I have yet to see in other sales intelligence vendors.

Within the Chrome extension and Gmail, users can view sizing data, social media links, technology intelligence, jobs, and recent news.

Lead411 discusses their product as

Catalysts + Context = Intelligent Conversations that drive sales.

Catalysts are sales triggers spanning eight categories including technology, ownership change, financials, personnel changes, and regulatory.

“It’s when these events happen that executives are most motivated to buy products and services that prove out the value of the decision,” said Blue.

Blue continued that context is “about knowing as much as you can about your prospect so you can talk to them intelligently and also know what their pain points are.  So it demonstrates a real knowledge about the company and it also sets up a strong connection and relationship.”

Lead411 claims to have over 2,000 enterprise customers including ADP, Wells Fargo, Sprint, EY, and Staples.

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