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DiscoverOrg Sales Tech Glossary


For those of you trying to get a handle on all of the new terms in Sales Tech and Marketing Tech, DiscoverOrg just published a short glossary on their website.

While Martech has been receiving significant investment over the past half decade, the past year or two has seen a growth in sales tech investment.  A few years ago, this sector was labeled Sales 2.0 and basically consisted of sales intelligence products, lead prospecting datasets, and presentation tools for sales reps.  But now,

  • The Sales Intelligence vendors are moving into marketing hygiene with MAP connectors, data enrichment, segmentation analysis, look-a-like prospecting, and TAM analysis.
  • Predictive Analytics, which originally focused on marketing, is equally focused on the sales function.
  • New social selling and trigger selling tools continue to appear on the market.
  • Account Based Marketing has become the rage with vendors now repositioning their offering under the ABM banner and adding features to assist ABM programs across the funnel.
  • The Account Based Sales Development function has been professionalized with the introduction of a series of ABSD tools providing a “tip of the spear” toolset for ABM.

In short, it is a dynamic time for the sales tech industry even as the distinction between SalesTech and MarTech continue to blur.

As technology continues to plunge sales and marketing professionals further into transformative innovation and new opportunities, we must define the new terms taking us there. Considering the breakneck speed of tech advancement, it’s not uncommon for terms, which were merely a blip on the radar a year ago, to become part of our everyday vernacular.

  • Preston Zeller, Digital Strategist, DiscoverOrg

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