Trapit: End of Year Social Selling Enhancements

Trapit Social Selling Platform
Trapit Social Selling Platform

Social Selling vendor Trapit released a set of five enhancements to assist with relationship management.   The monitoring service tracks over 100,000 curated web sources.  Content categories include blogs, professional journals, social media, and news services.  For Twitter, the service supports Retweets, Replies, and Favorites.  Trapit also supports “robust filtering” by media-type, source quality, tags, and geographic location.  The new enhancements span social listening link tracking, social queueing, message recommendations, and the flagging of content for internal use.

Trapit’s social listening enhancements help reps gather customer and prospect insights from the web and Twitter without the assistance of an administrator.

Link tracking allows sales and marketing to determine which content is driving revenue via social sharing.  “Link tracking bridges the gap between social selling activity on Trapit and revenue by applying the same metrics to social sales that have long been a key feature of email marketing and online advertising,” said the firm.  “Tracking codes, which customers can ‘set and forget’ directly within Trapit, can now be automatically added to all inbound links, providing integration with all of the major marketing automation platforms.”

Social queue scheduling allows reps to schedule social messages throughout the day even when they are out of the office.  An unlimited number of messages can be queued.  Trapit supports social sharing via email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks.

Recommended messaging allows reps to modify messages to comply with the styles (e.g. hashtags) and character limits of various social platforms.  Marketing can provide a set of curated messages for various networks which are then posted by sales reps.

Trapit is also a platform for marketers and sales management to distribute internal content flagged as read only.  Thus, “Trapit can be used to deliver updates about market developments, competitive intelligence, HR and internal communications, and other information where salespeople will see it.”

“The completeness of Trapit’s platform sets it apart from the standalone tools that salespeople have relied upon in recent years,” said CEO Hank Nothhaft Jr. “As sales teams move from analogue to digital tactics, they need a solution that is not only comprehensive, but also highly efficient and easy to use. We’ve stayed laser focused on empowering salespeople to uncover opportunities and engage buyers across a variety of digital channels, and we’ve coded best practices into the software itself. As a result, sales teams that leverage Trapit consistently outperform their competitors.”

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