6Sense Doubling Revenue

ABM Platform vendor 6Sense announced that it is on target for its third consecutive year of at least 100% growth.  The firm has also rapidly grown its customer base with a 204% growth in customers since January 2019, and 54% growth since January.  Its net customer retention rate is 109%, indicating a strong ability to renew and upsell its platform.

LinkedIn employment figures also indicate strong growth, but at a rate slower than customers and revenue, an indication of increased revenue per employee. LinkedIn employment grew 72% over the past year and 192% over the past two.

“6Sense was founded upon the vision of transforming B2B sales and marketing with a next-generation platform that engages target buyers at exactly the right time,” said 6Sense CTO Viral Bajaria. “Our patented AI-powered capabilities, including 6sense’s time-based predictions and industry-leading account identification capabilities, continue to be differentiators in the market — and deliver real business value to our customers.”

6Sense continues to invest in platform development with the rollout of new ABM capabilities in 2020:

  • Native Retargeting, which programmatically serves display ads to all website visitors or visitors from target accounts
  • A LinkedIn advertising integration for account targeting across all ad types
  • AI-based Next Best Actions, a set of prioritized actions recommendations for BDRs across the buying committee.
  • Model Metrics, which provide customers with self-service analytics which assess the impact of 6sense’s predictions on pipeline and revenue

CMO Latané Conant cited a series of benefits enjoyed by 6Sense clients, including a 75% higher conversion rate, 40% higher win rates, and a 50% increase in contract values.

Inc. recently named 6Sense the 5th Best Place to Work in the small and medium business category.  

“6sense believes that culture is based on trust, open communication, dedicated leadership, and a fun space where employees can take risks. We take everyone’s opinion into account, from the very top to the bottom.  Employees take chances, put more responsibility on their shoulders, and work hard for one another.  We are a team-first, people-centric organization that prioritizes teamwork above all else.  Our weekly all-hands meetings give everyone an opportunity to have their voice heard.”

6Sense Inc. Submission

6Sense closed a $40 million Series C round in January led by growth equity firm Insight Partners, raising its total funding to $105 million.

3 thoughts on “6Sense Doubling Revenue

  1. Impressive. That said, it’s always hard to understand the significance of these types of stats. 100% revenue growth from what? Any insights you can share would be help us have better context to their seemingly impressive results. thx!!

    1. They didn’t provide any sizing metrics, just growth, so it could be off of a small base. Owler lists $75M in revenue, but my guess is that they are around $50M assuming $200K / employee.

      I went back to look at Forrester’s ABM Platform Wave (Q2 2020). It did not provide revenue figures but indicated that TechTarget, Demandbase, and MRP all have a larger market presence than 6Sense. Madison Logic and Terminus were both deemed to have comparable market presences so that also suggests revenue in the $30M to $50M range.

      TechTarget is a public company with revenue of around $135 million. Demandbase indicated revenue of $100 million when they acquired Engagio a few months back. These sizes also frame my estimate.

      1. Gotta love those wonderful press releases citing “100% revenue growth!!”

        Never ceases to amaze me. If the numbers are that impressive. State them publicly.

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