6sense Revenue AI for Sales

6sense Revenue AI for Sales helps prioritize account activity.

6sense released Revenue AI for Sales, its account prioritization platform that identifies in-market accounts and recommends contacts in an “anonymous world.”  The service assists reps with prioritization, research, multi-threading, and personalization.

“Information overload is killing sellers’ productivity.  In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, we need to give sellers the tools they need to reach new heights.  This means giving sellers sales technology that helps them spend more time selling and less time on unproductive activities,” said CEO Jason Zintak. “We’ve already transformed marketing teams by revealing and targeting accounts and engaging anonymous buyers.  Now we’re giving sales teams a massive upgrade from their legacy database vendors.  This puts 6sense in a new category where we can innovate and lead, just like we have with others like predictive analytics and ABM.  Early momentum from customers making the move to a better selling experience demonstrates the potential for impact.”

The Persona Map identifies engagement activity by role and level.

Revenue AI for Sales illuminates the “Dark Funnel,” where 97% of B2B research is conducted anonymously.  6sense ties new buyer intent signals with account and contact intelligence.  Recommended Actions prioritize engagement and suggest which contacts to acquire and reach out to.  6sense offers first-party (visitor), second-party (G2 and TrustRadius), and third-party (Bombora) intent signals.  It supports both topic and keyword intent alongside buying stage.

A Persona Map provides a visual map of the buying team, helping promote multi-threading and suggesting unknown buying team members.  The map includes contact details, activities, and talking points.

People and company pages highlight company hierarchies, job insights, technographics, and psychographics.  Contacts and accounts can be sent to CRMs, pushed to SEPs for engagement, and contacted via email, phone, or LinkedIn.

6sense insights are supported by a Chrome extension, allowing reps to prospect on the open web and identify potential buyers.

Prioritization Dashboards highlight in-market accounts and insights.  6sense also alerts reps to important account activity, recommended actions, and new buyer intent signals via email and Slack.

“Challenges exist on multiple fronts today as sellers have to navigate through a constant barrage of information and noise, plummeting productivity and increasing frustration,” said CTO Viral Bajaria. “With our AI-driven solution, sales teams will be able to focus on what they do best – building relationships and closing deals – while our technology takes care of the rest.  6sense Revenue AI for Sales uses the power of AI, big data, and intelligence to give sellers confidence in their ability to close more deals and be the trusted advisor their customers want and need.”

6sense maintained its momentum last year, growing revenue by 70%.  The company attributed its ongoing growth to its “strategic focus on new product introductions, market expansion, and ecosystem growth.”

New product introductions included the October release of Conversational Email.  The module, which leverages Generative AI, intent, and pre-intent data, dramatically enhances productivity when sending marketing and sales emails and fielding responses.  Conversational email composes “relevant and hyper-personalized emails to qualify and convert leads at scale.”  6sense claims its customers enjoy a 50 percent reduction in deal-cycle time, a 150% increase in average deal size, and $900K of new pipeline activity in four weeks.

“The results of the past year’s performance are a major achievement that demonstrates how the team’s hard work has paid off,” said Brian Ascher, Partner at Venrock.  “As 6sense continues executing against commitments and the product roadmap, we expect to see this upward trend maintain its momentum.  This is what the larger investor community loves to see, and we are proud of the 6sense team delivering these results.”

Other enhancements include ongoing investment in the Slintel database and the release of 6sense Pipeline Intelligence based on Fortella.  Both Slintel and Fortella were acquired in H2 2021.

“6sense offers billions of data points of market-leading account and contact data along with best-in-class curated data, enhancing a customer’s own first-party data sources and tech stacks to deliver powerful B2B go-to-market strategies, insights, and orchestrations,” claimed the firm.

6sense continued to grow its partner ecosystem with new integrations, including HubSpot, Microsoft, and Integrate.  In addition, its integrations with Dynamics and HubSpot CRM support prescriptive sales dashboards and buyer insights.

“Throughout the past year, we’ve built upon our growth in meaningful ways and continue to provide our customers with tangible value that impacts their bottom line,” said 6sense CEO Jason Zintak. “Using our own platform is essential to our success and puts us in a unique position where 6sense Revenue AI is a competitive advantage – both in our own category and where our customers compete.  Looking across our customer base, we see revenue generation is 120% more effective when using 6sense, their deal size doubles, and win rate increases 4X.”

The firm has expanded internationally over the past year with an increasing presence in EMEA and APAC.  The London office grew to 45 full-time employees, and APAC has over 400 employees in India and Singapore.

6sense employment growth (Source: LinkedIn)

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