DiscoverOrg: Continued Growth in the Tech Sales Intelligence Space

DO for SFDCIt has been a busy year for technology sales intelligence vendor DiscoverOrg.  Along with acquiring iProfile and processing their technology profiles through editorial review, they have launched European and Finance department datasets.  Earlier this year, they announced plans to double their staff to 250 employees by the end of 2015.  Editorial growth increased their capacity, permitting them to build out multiple databases simultaneously.

The staff investments combined with their iProfile acquisition allowed them to double their editorially gathered coverage to 50,000 companies and 700,000 decision makers.  Most of this coverage growth has been outside of the United States.  They also built out datasets covering finance and marketing executives realizing that cloud software purchasing decisions have been shifting away from the CIO to other C-level executives, particularly the CMO.

Additional product and content announcements are coming soon.

While most vendors have gone to automated processes to collect significant percentages of their content, DiscoverOrg is proudly old school in its editorial policies employing traditional data collection methods tied to ninety day review cycles. This process limits the number of companies they can cover (currently around 50,000 organizations with 400 or more employees), but ensures high degrees of data accuracy, fill rates, and currency. Along with company profiles, the firm collects IT contacts, platforms, organization charts, and plans.

DiscoverOrg has gained significant market traction and is now in the pole position amongst the technology focused sales intelligence vendors. DiscoverOrg is a five time Inc. 5000 list winner, an indication of its success in selling services to sales and marketing departments at technology firms (they also target IT staffing).

“Our trusted solution and our team’s commitment to revolutionizing how today’s B2B sales teams prospect are the key factors in our success,” said CEO Henry Schuck. “We’re excited to celebrate our achievements, but we’re always focused on finding new ways to keep growing and providing additional value for our clients.”

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