Chrome Integration: Zoominfo Reachout

Over the past few months, a number of vendors have added Google Chrome extensions to their service.  Initially, this trend was focused on the technology vendors (e.g. HG Data, DiscoverOrg, Datanyze), but extensions are now available from a broader set of sales intelligence vendors (e.g. Zoominfo, Unomy) and funding databases (CB Insights, DataFox, and Mattermark).  Typical features include mini-company and executive profiles, contact prospecting, contact enrichment, send to CRM (usually SFDC), and technology profiles.

I have selected four connectors for mini profiles beginning with Zoominfo’s new ReachOut service.  In the coming days I will also profile DataFox, Mattermark, and DiscoverOrg.

Zoominfo ReachOut

Zoom ReachOutOfficially launched last week, Zoominfo ReachOut provides quick access to contact information from Zoominfo and LinkedIn contact profiles.  When the Chrome browser displays one of these profiles, the Zoominfo logo begins pulsing in the Chrome browser bar indicating that contact information (email, direct dial, and company phone) may be purchased for one credit.

Users can then send the contact to SFDC or email it to themselves.

A separate browser view provides access to purchased credits as well as contact searching by a combination of company name, contact name, and title.  This feature does not require the Chrome browser.

The service has several big gaps in its initial release:

  • It fails to recognize company websites or LinkedIn company profiles (unlike other vendors, their focus is on the contact, not the company)
  • While it supports LinkedIn, it does not recognize LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • ReachOut provides no company firmographics within the Chrome contact profile.  Users must go to the ReachOut browser view and then mouse over the company name or click on the hyperlink to view company information.

As such, it operates as an enrichment and purchased contact tracking platform.

Trialers receive an initial five free credits while community members (freemium users that share their mail contact file with Zoominfo) receive ten free credits per month.  ReachOut subscribers receive ten, twenty, or thirty credits per month with credits costing two dollars each.  Zoominfo does not indicate whether bulk credit purchases are available or whether credits may be shared across a team.

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