InsideView for Sales: Download Limits

InsideView’s new download limits take effect for all InsideView Sales customers on June 1st.  Going forward, users will only receive 500 company and 500 contact credits per month.  The maximum size of a download file remains 2,000 records.  These limits are well below those of their top two competitors, Hoover’s and Avention; InsideView now heavily targets the marketing function, so they are becoming miserly with respect to downloads in their flagship sales offering.

Customers looking for broader limits can license InsideView Target, their prospecting service for marketers.

InsideView also announced a set of enhancements, the most important of which was InsideView Target’s one-click list Send to Eloqua feature.  Target checks for duplicate contacts based on emails, ensuring that uploaded prospects are net-new.  Marketo connector functionality is also available.

InsideView Target now supports Eloqua synch with duplicate checking.
InsideView Target now supports Eloqua synch with duplicate checking.

Other May release announcements were fairly minor:

  • The mobile product displays 90 days of news instead of 30.
  • InsideView for CRM provides direct access to the full InsideView company or executive profile by clicking on the name.
  • InsideView Target added saved searches.

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