and Pardot: Synch but No Prospecting

Pardot stare and compareWhile other sales and marketing intelligence vendors provide integrated prospecting within marketing automation platforms, Salesforce has not implemented prospecting for the Pardot B2B marketing automation platform.  Pardot is strictly a permission-based marketing platform so sales reps need to work the prospects to obtain marketing permission before the record can be sent from Salesforce to Pardot.

“It’s a bad idea to purchase email lists and immediately send email to those purchased prospects, and no reputable email service provider will allow you to immediately send email to a purchased list. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this treasure trove of information, as long as permission is explicitly obtained first,” said Skyler Holobach, Pardot’s Email Compliance Manager.

Instead, Holobach recommends using Clean to enrich basic contact information obtained from web forms or tradeshows.  If the user is synching with Clean, then company and contact data is enriched.  Otherwise, users can synch against Connect for contact enrichment.  Updating takes the user through a “stare and compare” process.

When users have Prospector lists, they are required to call into accounts to obtain opt-in permission.

“The incorrect way would be to use as a cold lead generator for email purposes. Given the terms stated in the Permission-Based Marketing Policy, customers can not pull in prospects through and immediately add them to Pardot lists for emails and/or nurturing without first obtaining their permission. By not following best practices, you’re also running a significant risk for getting your IP address blacklisted, which can lead to significant email reputation damage,” said Holobach.  “Instead, you should follow the best practices outlined above, to first obtain permission prior to sending email. By obtaining explicit permission prior to sending email, you can reap the benefits of the database while staying in compliance with Pardot’s Permission-Based Marketing Policy and keeping your email reputation high.”

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