Social123: Contact Enrichment

The Social123 Data Health Analysis Report
The Social123 Data Health Analysis Report

Contacts database Social123 rolled out a set of enhancements to their contact enrichment service including more accurate matching, expanded reporting, saved searches, improved security, and additional enrichment fields.

Match rates were improved due to the normalization of company and contact names on input files.  Name standardization reduces the number of nicknames, typos, and corporate identifiers (e.g. LLC) prior to match processing.  D-U-N-S Number matching is also being offered which allows marketers to upload a list of D-U-N-S numbers and receive a set of targeted contacts at the companies.  (D-U-N-S numbers are a proprietary global company numbering system developed and maintained by Dun & Bradstreet.  They are the closest schema to a de facto global numbering system for companies and corporate linkages).

Social123 automated their Data Health report with data quality metrics, net-new contact counts, and contact analytics.  Amongst the new contact analytics are the top ten titles and the top ten reported skills.

Social123 added twenty-five site location fields including address, phone, SICs, NAICS, revenue, employee count, and geocodes.

To improve security, users are no longer emailed direct file links.  Instead, notification emails direct users to a secure application.

Finally, Social123 now offers a firmographic only append.  Other services include contact prospecting, data cleansing, and email validation

The Social123 contacts dataset now exceeds 300 million detailed global contacts sourced from the open web and social media.

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