DiscoverOrg TEDD Dataset Released

TEDD Advertisement from DiscoverOrg's website.
TEDD advertisement from the DiscoverOrg website.

DiscoverOrg recently announced their TEDD (Technology, Engineering, Design, and Development) dataset which focuses on externally oriented product functions versus the internally oriented IT department.  Content includes TEDD execs with direct contact information, org charts, and purchase intent.

DiscoverOrg noted that TEDD contacts may not have a “public facing presence” making it more difficult to identify them from company websites and social profiles. Database titles include Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Data Scientist, Software Engineer, VP of Software Engineering, VP of Product Engineering, VP of Development Operations, and VP of Product Development.

“With our new TEDD dataset, we’re helping address one of the biggest sales challenges today: finding and accessing those responsible for technology product and application development,” said DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Schuck. “We level the playing field so that any company now has the ability to get their products and solutions in front of the right people.”

Other DiscoverOrg datasets include the IT Department (their largest set of contacts), Finance, and Marketing.  While company and contact coverage are still over weighted to North America, the firm has been moving to internationalize their scope and now offer a European dataset.  They are likely to be announcing AsiaPac coverage in 2016 based upon content included in last summer’s iProfile acquisition.

DiscoverOrg did not publish pricing or initial database counts for their TEDD offering.

Note: DiscoverOrg is one of the eleven vendors covered in my 2015 Field Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors.

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