Chrome Integration: DiscoverOrg

I’m wrapping up my mini-series on Chrome Integration tools today with coverage of technology sales intelligence vendor DiscoverOrg.  Other Chrome integrations discussed in  this series include

DiscoverOrg closed out 2015 with the release of version 3.0 of their Chrome Extension.  The expanded service provides context based intelligence from all of their datasets DiscoverOrg Chromeincluding IT, marketing, and finance.

The Chrome extension will support additional databases in 2016.

The Chrome extension automatically displays company intelligence, including contacts and company overviews, based upon the current website.  From the browser, a user can quickly select a contact or company name and look it up within the Chrome extension.  Thus, the service is bi-directional with users switching between the extension and browser without additional logins and without having to reenter information to conduct company searches.

Because DiscoverOrg also supports CRM platforms, users can begin with a company, contact name, or URL for research then upload the company or contact information to their CRM.

Other features include filterable executive lists; executives with responsibilities; contact information and social media links; technology details; similar companies; and sales triggers.

The Chrome Extension is free to current subscribers.

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